I don't spend all my time as an academic. Here are some other things I like to do:


Music taste is a very personal thing. I really like my music. Not everybody does - especially when I play it loud. Most of the bands I like can be classified as goth. I won't try to describe what it means. Goth (regardless of what you may have heard elsewhere) covers a very diversified set of music. Someday I might get around to writing a brief history. I don't like any of the ones I've found on the net. In the meantime of some of the bands I like (in no particular order): Fields of the Nephilim, Cruxshadows, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, London After Midnight, Suspiria, Corpus Delecti, Garden of Delight, Icon, The Last Dance, Faithful Dawn, The Mission, Seraphim Shock, Clan of Xymox, Killing Miranda, The Church, Big Electric Cat, The Cure, Girls Under Glass, Two Witches, The House of Usher, The Wake, Malaise, The Merry Thoughts, Intra-venus, Rosetta Stone, The March Violets.

Of course, if you like music, you should listen to it. I don't get as much chance as I'd like to, but the CD player in my car may well wear out :-). And why listen to it alone? So when I get the chance (which is not as often as I used to) I go to nightclubs. I used to DJ occasionally - if you ever went to a Sydney goth club in the late 90's or ealy 2000's and one of the DJ's was Raven, well that was me.

Computer Games

You'd think someone who spent most of their working time in front of a computer wouldn't want to go anywhere near them away from work. Not me. I spend far too much time playing computer games. In a funny sort of way it helps with work. Students tend to be a little more favourably inclined to a lecturer who actually knows a little about PC hardware and games. And if you lecture and research in computer games you really should play them as well.

My favourite types of games are first person shooters, role-playing games and strategy games (no, not RTS, I mean things like civilisation).


Used to be this was the hobby that took up most of my free time. Not these days, unfortunately. Becoming a parent, and other things, seem to have knocked it around. Ah well, there's always the future.

My favourite description of rolepaying has always been that it's not like reading a book or watching a film, it's like being in one. It's quite simple really. One person designs the scenario. Everybody else has a character they play. The designer decsribes the situation, the players act it through. It's a little bit improvisational drama, a little bit make believe and a lot of fun. My favourite systems inclue Vampire (duh, there's that goth stuff again) and Call of Cthulhu. I don't like D&D - which is funny, because I do like computer versions of D&D (such as the Baldur's gate series - go figure).


I've always liked reading history. If I hadn't been a computer scientist I would probably have been a hostorian - but that's an other story. I always liked military history. It's not that big a jump to playing historical wargames. I have a cupboard full of the damn things. But they take an awful lot of time to play. These days I usually play once a week. It's a diversion.

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