Recent papers of Michael Batanin

Categorical strong shape theory,
Cahiers de topologie et geometrie differentielle categoriques, v.XXXVIII-I, pp. 3-66 (1997).
Homotopy coherent category theory and A_{\infti}-structures in monoidal categories,
39 pp., "Journal of Pure and Appl. Algebra", 123 (1998) 67-103
( dvi-file,ps-file)
Monoidal globular categories as natural environement for the theory of weak n-categories ,
83 pp., Advances in Mathematics 136 (1998), pp.39-103,
( ps-file)
Computads for finitary monads on globular sets,
21 pp., AMS Cont. Math. 230, 1998, 37-57
tex-file( ps-file)
(with Ross Street) The universal property of the multitude of trees,
Journal of Pure and Appl. Algebra, 154 (2000), 3-13
( ps-file)
On the Penon method of weakening algebraic structures ,
Journal of Pure and Appl. Algebra, 172-1 (2002), 1-23
( dvi-file)(ps-file)
The Eckmann-Hilton argument, higher operads and E_n-spaces ,
52pp., preprint,
( pdf-file) ( dvi-file)(ps-file)
Computads and slices of operads ,
18pp., preprint,
( ps-file) ( dvi-file)
The Combinatorics of Iterated Loop Spaces ,
23pp., preprint,
( ps-file)

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