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Dr. Mark Lauer

If permanence were possible, why would the seasons change?
Naguib Mafouz, 'The Harafish', 1977
(translation from the Arabic by Catherine Cobham, 1993:137)

Mark lives in Sydney with his partner, Marion, who once climbed a rain-drenched Sydney Harbour Bridge with him. He claims to write fiction, and is an Honorary Associate of the Centre for Language Technology.

[marion] In May of 2000, Mark left his job in London with UBS Warburg, the investment banking division of UBS AG. There he was a Director, managing Valuation for the global Treasury Products Derivatives business. As a result he is more familiar with the flights between London and Chicago than he will ever want to be.

[mugshot] From 1992 through 1995, Mark studied for his PhD at Macquarie University, working within the Natural Language Processing Unit of the Microsoft Research Institute. He was awarded the degree in 1996 and mysteriously also won the Australian Distinguished Dissertation Award. At least for part of that time, Mark looked liked the mugshot at right.

Mark received a BSc(hons) in Computer Science and the University Medal from the University of Sydney in 1992 and is a member of IEEE and its Society on Social Implications of Technology. Though Mark has largely suspended his PhD research activities, an overview of his academic research work is available. In addition to computational linguistics and statistics, Mark has interests in financial markets, environmental finance, history of science, juggling, bushwalking, puzzles and theatresports.

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