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This photo is from 2014, visiting the castle in Heidelberg while on sabbatical at the University of Tübingen. I'm pondering either the legacy of Count Carl von Graimberg, or the hot chocolate to come shortly.


addr: Department of Computing
Macquarie University
North Ryde NSW 2109
email: mark.dras AT mq . edu . au
room: 4 Research Park Drive (also known as the BD building), level 2, room 208
phone: +61 2 9850 9580

Workwise, I'm an associate professor in the Department of Computing of Macquarie University, in Sydney, Australia. Before that, I was a research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Institute for Research in Cognitive Science.


I work in natural language processing (NLP) / language technology / computational linguistics, and am a member of the Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing research group.

Specifically, I've worked on (among other things) native language identification, machine translation, natural language generation, and sentiment analysis (with a focus on how sentiment affects language choices). Some related info:

Other research-related activities:

I'm the Department of Computing's director of Higher Degree Research (i.e. PhD and research masters) students.


In semester 1, 2021, I'll be teaching

In semester 2, 2021, I'll be teaching
  • TBD

I've taught a range of units over the years. I also think it's useful for students to know something about what their teachers are likely to be like. As one source of information, there's the sporadic appearance of the Alternative Calendar, but computing units are hardly ever mentioned there, and it usually sounds as if there's only ever a couple of (disgruntled) respondants. So, in case you're thinking of taking a class with me, here's a link to evaluations for several of my units.


Some non-work things.

I'm a member of Macquarie's Ally Network.

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