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   Dr. Len Hamey


PhD Scholarship Opportunity: Machine Learning for Radar Image Analysis

Radar images will be used to identify sea vessels in this PhD research project offered by Macquarie University and Defence Science and Technology (DST). DST are funding a full time PhD scholarship for up to 3.5 years with living allowance and travel. Applicants must be Australian citizens. Learn more...

How to apply

Please express your interest to the supervisor Dr Len Hamey by email at . Applications are through Macquarie University's online application portal.

About Len

I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Computing, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

My research interests include pattern recognition, computer vision and machine vision, artificial neural networks and deep learning. I am a member of the Machine Learning and Natual Language Processing research group.

From 1995 to 2002, I worked closely with the Cooperative Research Centre for International Food Manufacture and Packaging Science and Arnott's Biscuits Ltd on bake quality inspection. More recently, I collaborated with Aurizon to develop Pancam, a patented system for inspecting the pantographs of electric locomotives. Other projects have involved collaboration with Timber Queensland on timber colour matching, Sigma Plus Consulting on automatic number plate recognition, and Atlantek Vision, all in conjunction with Access Macquarie Ltd.

I teach units in the Department of Computing including programming units, systems programming, and computer graphics.  I developed the security protocol game to teach students the key concepts of network security protocols.