Question Answering in Restricted Domains: An Overview

Diego Mollá José Luis Vicedo
Macquarie University University of Alicante
Automated question answering has been a topic of research and development since the earliest AI applications. Computing power has increased since the first such systems were developed, and the general methodology has changed from the use of hand-encoded knowledge bases about simple domains to the use of text collections as the main knowledge source over more complex domains. Still, many research issues remain. The focus of this article is on the use of restricted domains for automated question answering. The article contains a historical perspective on question answering over restricted domains and an overview of the current methods and applications used in restricted domains. A main characteristic of question answering in restricted domains is the integration of domain-specific information that is either developed for question answering or that has been developed for other purposes. We explore the main methods developed to leverage this domain-specific information.

Published in Computational Linguistics, 33:1 (2007).

List of Question Answering Systems in Restricted Domains

The following list is an updated on-line version of the apendix included in the article. If your system is not listed here or if you want to update the information regarding your system, please send an email to Diego Mollá with the details.

Generic Systems

Collaborative learning for engineering education

Services provided by a large company

Salmon fish biology

Biography information


Weather forecasts

Technical domains



Medical domain

Geographic domain

Nobel Prizes

Language technology

Opinion texts

Reading Comprehension texts

Role-playing games


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