The Useless Tcl Extension

This is a small Tcl Extension which does nothing. It is intended as a skeleton project for new extensions, particularly on the Macintosh. I've provided a script to change the name of the project from `useless' to your project name. For the Mac this also changes names within the Mac specific files. I've done this since my own experience with changing names manually from the Sample Extension was error prone and confusing.

Download it here: uselessproject.sit or uselessproject.tgz.

The project consists of the following files:

Project creation script.
Codewarior project file in XML format.
Header file for the Mac project, this is used for global defines etc. since CW doesn't support anything like -Dfofo.
You know what this is surely!
A skeleton C file which implements the useless command.
An export specification, defines which symbols are exported from the shared library under CW.
A resource file, contains among other things the package require code for the useless package.

To use the project on a mac, unpack the archive into the Tcl/Tk 8.3 directory, then run createproject.tcl with wish (double click on Wish8.3, cd ../useless; source createproject.tcl. Enter your project name in the dialog and click OK. This will make copies of each of the above files with your project name and with 'useless' and 'Useless' replaced by your project name throughout. You can now delete the useless files if you wish.

Once you have changed your project name, import the macproject/yourproject.xml file into CodeWarrior (File..Import Project) and save it as macproject/yourproject when prompted. You should now see all of the above files in the project window. You can build the project (click on the Make button in the project window) and it should produce yourproject.shlb which you can then load into tclsh or wish.

At the moment this project only makes a PPC shared library since I've had trouble with 68K libraries on my machine.

Steve Cassidy