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Docker and MAUS

Today’s problem was to write a wrapper for the MAUS automatic segmentation system in preparation for including it as a Galaxy tool.   MAUS comes from Florian Schiel in Munich and is a collection of shell scripts and Linux executables that take a sound file and an orthographic transcription and generate an aligned phonetic segmentation.  The core of this process is the HTK speech recognition system and getting it to work on anything other than Linux is a pain that is best not lived with.  Continue reading

A Galaxy Workflow for Acoustic Phonetic Analysis

I’ve been working for a while now on adapting the Galaxy Workflow engine for use in speech analysis, specifically for acoustic phonetic analysis of vowel sounds.  Galaxy is a system used in bioinformatics for constructing workflows to do genetic analysis and other things.  As part of the Alveo project we’ve been building tools for doing text and speech analysis for Galaxy.  My recent work has been specifically looking at acoustic phonetic analysis with the Emu library with a goal of reproducing some work on children’s vowels that I did with Catherine Watson many years ago. Continue reading