Curriculum Vitae

Stephen Cassidy

Centre for Language Technology
Department of Computing
Macquarie University
North Ryde, NSW 2109
Phone: +61 2 9850 9581
Fax: +61 2 9850 9551


Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, 2008, Macquarie University, Australia

PhD. Computer Science, 1993, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

MSc. Knowledge Based Systems, 1984, Department of Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh University, Scotland.

BSc. Honours, Physics with Astrophysics, 1983, Leicester University England.


Department of Computing, Macquarie University


Associate Professor in the Department of Computing.


Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Science.


Senior Lecturer in Computing, Director of Undergraduate Teaching, member of the Centre for Language Technology.

Teaching courses in Web Technology, Document Processing and the Semantic Web, XML Technologies, First Year Computing, Honours units in Speech Technology.

Speech Hearing and Language Research Centre, Macquarie University


Lecturer in Linguistics teaching courses in Phonetics, Speech Processing. Research in speech databases, acoustic phonetics and speech processing. Convenor of the Master of Science in Speech and Language Processing. Responsible for management of IT facilities within the department.

Deputy director of the Speech Hearing and Language Research Centre

Principal developer of the EMU speech database system. Developed, with Jonathan Harrington, computer based teaching materials for third year speech processing courses which have attracted funding from Macquarie
University and are included in our book Techniques in Speech Acoustics.


Research Fellow on an ARC funded project with Jonathan Harrington investigating automatic speech recognition using neural networks and other statistical pattern recognition techniques.

Consultant to a corpus based grammar project implementing and advising on search procedures for large text corpora. Set up both mail based and WWW based systems for searching various text corpora. These interfaces are now used extensively in teaching and research.

Computer Science, Victoria University


Lectureship in Computer Science, teaching courses at all levels; in particular third and fourth year Artificial Intelligence. Research project to develop an expert system for Management Consulting in small New Zealand batch companies. PhD research building a computational model of reading development. Graduate student projects (honours and diploma) supervised include: Computer aided instruction for young autistic children, writing aids for disabled computer users, story understanding, isolated word speech recognition.

From February to December 1991: full time PhD student, employed as Teaching Assistant.

Logica Cambridge Ltd


Part of a four person team developing an expert system for Chemical Product Formulation. The aim of the project was to be able to carry software and analysis techniques across to other domains with similar problems. The software has since been sold to a number of clients and used to build formulation expert systems.


See the publications page.


Harrington J., Cassidy S. and Summerfield C. (1995-97) Development of an automated voice-driven attendant system. ARC Collaborative Research Grant. $150,000 + matching contribution from Syrinx Speech Systems.

Cassidy S., Harrington J., Mannell R. and Peters P. (1995) Programming Support for Speech and Text Database Management Software. ARC Mechanism A. $20,000.

Cassidy S., Mannell R. and Yallop C. (1996) Xlisp-Stat as a Netscape Plugin. Macquarie University Teaching Development Grant. $9899

Harrington J., Cassidy S. and Mannell R. (1996-1998) WWW based teaching for the Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences programme. Macquarie University Flagship Grant $82,000.

Cassidy, S. and Watson, C. (1997) Coping with errors in speech recognition to provide an effective interface for young computer users. Macquarie University Research Grant, $7000.

Cassidy. S. (1999) for the Department of Linguistics. Support for Corpus based Research in Linguistics Macquarie University RIBG. $36,000

Iacono, T., Cupples, L. and Cassidy, S. (1998-2001) Website Access for Literacy Development in Individuals with Disability Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts AccessAbility grant. $230,000

Cassidy, S. and Watson, C. (2002) Speaker Recognition and Tracking in Multi-Party meeting environments, Macquarie University Research Grant, $6595

Cassidy, S. and Molla, D. M. (2005) Answering Questions about Multi-Party meetings, Maquarie University Research Development Grant, $20,000

Dale, R. and Cassidy, S. (2005) Discovering structure in PDF documents, Macquarie University Research Development Grant, $20,000.

Dr S Cassidy; Dr R Goecke; Dr PA Watters; Dr M Buchhorn; A/Prof DM Powers; Prof M Wagner; Dr LM Barwick; Prof R Dale; Dr JH Simpson (2005-2006) DADA-HCS: Distributed Access and Data Annotation for the Human Communication Sciences. ARC eResearch Special Research Initiative, $175,000

Cassidy, S. and Chen, W. and Bolger, D. and Mitchell, D. (2006) Macquarie Access Grid Facility, DEST, via ICE-EM Access Grid Program, $70,000 with $85,000 funding from Macquarie and CSIRO partners.

Haugh, M., Cassidy, S. and others (2010-2011) Australian National Corpus Project, ANDS funded eResearch project led by Griffith University.  $200,000 from ANDS, $22,000 from other partners.

Burnham, D.K., Cox, F.M., Butcher, A.R., Fletcher, J.M., Wagner, M., Epps, J.R., Ingram, J.C., Arciuli, J., Togneri, R., Rose, P.J., Kemp, N.M., Cutler, A., Dale, R., Kuratate, T., Powers, D.M., Cassidy, S., Grayden, D.B., Loakes, D.E., et al  (2010 – 2013)  The Big Australian Speech Corpus: An audio-visual speech corpus of Australian English. ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Facilities Grant $650,000.

Burnham, D. et al.  (17 organisations) (2012-2014) Above and Beyond Speech, Language and Music: A Virtual Lab for Human Communication Science (HCS vLab) NeCTaR Virtual Laboratory project. $3.6M including contributions from partners.

Deb Verhoeven (Deakin University), Steve Cassidy (2015)  Access to Cultural Resources EIF-NCRIS funded extension to the NeCTaR Virtual Laboratory projects HUNI and HCS vLab.  $58,600 sub-contract to Macquarie University.

A/Prof Andrew Lonie (University of Melbourne), Prof David Abramson (University of Queensland), A/Prof Steve Cassidy (Macquarie University), Dr Anna Ceguerra (University of Sydney) (2015) Community Engagement for Reproducible Workflow Platforms EIF-NCRIS funded extension to the NeCTaR Virtual Laboratory projects. $31,500 sub-contract to Macquarie University.

FAIMS-Alveo Integration and Development Project (2016-2018) $900,000 from NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development RAAP program.

HASS DEVL (Humanities and Social Sciences Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory) 2018. Project led by eRSA funded by ANDS/RDS/Nectar.  $1.1M funding over one year, $95k sub-contract to Macquarie University for development of Natural Language tools and interfaces to Alveo.