VMware Horizon View

  • Install Horizon View Client for Ubuntu

Horizon View Client for Ubuntu runs on Ubuntu 12.04 systems and you install it by using Synaptic Package Manager

  1. Procedures:


  •   On your Ubuntu machine, enable Canonical Partners

    •                        a.  open update manager.
    •                        b. click on settings button and supply the password for perfoming administrative tasks.



  • In the Software Sources dialog box, click the Other Software tab and select the Canonical Partners check box to select the archive for software that Canonical packages for their partners.
  • click close and follow the instruction to update the package list



Open the terminal windows and in the prompt type in:

sudo synaptic

It will open Synaptic Package Manager window


  • synaptic
  • On right top corner in Quick Filter type in vmware and click on search
  • In the list of packages returned, select the check box next to vmware-view-client and select Mark for Installation
  • Click Apply in the toolbar

What to do next

start Horizon View Client

  •  Click on Dash Home and search for vmware view or
  • Click on Application  and click on vmware view client



  • In VMware view client window type in remote machine address



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