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ACD/ChemSketch Windows: Free for educational use Install Now
Acrobat Pro DC

Alternatives to Adobe software:

Request via OneHelp
Adobe Creative Cloud

Alternatives to Adobe software:

Request via OneHelp

Free for students for academic proposes, University email must be used when signing up.

Licenses generated, are ONLY for current students/professors and to be used for non-commercial (educational) work. Students that have graduated and are interested in continuing to use AWR software should look into their Graduate Gift Initiave

Install Now
ChemDraw Professional Site license available when signing up using an or email address. Install Now
CREO Site license available can be used by staff and students on both MQ owned hardware and personally owned hardware. Install Now
LabView Site licence available for Faculty of Science and Engineering for teaching and research. Request via OneHelp
Mathematica Various paid license options available. Request via OneHelp
MATLAB Site licences available for university-owned plus staff and student owned computers. Install Now
Microsoft Office Free for students and staff at OWA , login with your university email. Request via OneHelp
Minitab Available via the Staff Portal or Student Portal. Direct link. ← See ‘Availability’ column
SPSS/PASW Site licenses available for university-owned computers, or free use through iLab. Full-time staff members can also request an install on their personal computers for work. Install Now
Sophos Antivirus Site licence available for students and staff. Install Now
VMware Horizon View Installation Instruction (Ubuntu). For Windows or Mac client you can download via iLab (with instruction on how to connect) or directly from vmware website. ← See ‘Availability’ column
VPN ‘OneNet Anywhere’ Available from Macquarie University Information Technology. Install Now


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