Your ScienceID is the username and password you use to authenticate to many legacy IT resources within the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE). These include:

  • Some Faculty fileservers (e.g. Darwin network drive)
  • Older Unix systems
  • Older password-protected web pages
One ID vs ScienceID: What's the Difference?

Your OneID is used to log in to nearly all other systems. ScienceID existed before OneID, and will be eventually replaced by OneID.

Request a ScienceID

Request a ScienceID using the ScienceID Account Request Form (approvals are required)

Reset/Change Your ScienceID Password

If you’ve forgotten your password, contact ScienceIT for help.

Click here to change your ScienceID password

Check your ScienceID
ScienceID Guest Accounts

Any Faculty staff with a valid ScienceID can create temporary ScienceID-guest accounts. These accounts have limited access into the Science systems and NO associated email address. Create a guest account with an expiry date.

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