Network Printing from Windows

  1. Download the Installer by clicking here.
  2. Open the file in your downloads, you may need to extract it first.
  3. Run FSE Printer Installer.exe and select your building on the left.
  4. Double click on a printer to install or select multiple using Ctrl then press the install button.

If this does not work, try “Alternative Method 1 or 2” below.

Alternative Method 1
  1. Copy and paste into your File Explorer address bar:


  2. Double-click the preferred printer

If this does not work, try “Alternative Method 2” below.

Alternative Method 2
  • Select Start → Devices and Printers → select “Add a printer”
  • Select “Add a network printer…”
  • If no printers on are listed, select “The printer that I want isn’t listed.”  Click next
  • Select “Select a shared printer by name” and type:\\\ then select the desired printer from the list and click next
Note: If prompted to supply a username or password, please reboot the PC and try again. Or type: \\\ instead of in the previous step
  • Computer should connect and install the appropriate drivers for the printer
If the driver does not automatically install, it will prompt to supply a driver
  • Click Next (select Yes to set this printer to be the default printer)
  • Click Finish

Right click on the printer and select “Properties” and change printer settings as necessary. Some options cannot be modified.

Copiers with PIN codes

Copiers requiring PIN codes include the Biology colour printer (E8B Level 2 and 3) and the copier on E7A Level 7. Please see appropriate departmental secretaries to obtain a PIN to use these copiers.  You will also need to save the PIN in the properties of the copier driver settings under General tab → Preferences button → Basic tab → Authentication/Account Track button → (username: staff number, no MQ prefix; password as provided by departmental secretaries)

To enter UserID’s (copier PIN) for a Ricoh copier:

  1. Right-click printer icon (Start→Settings→Printer and Faxes) or from within a document, select Print… → Properties
  2. General tab → “Printing Preferences”
  3. “Job/Log” tab
  4. Enter your PIN, enable Log and enter the PIN code again →  “Apply” → “OK”
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