Network Printing from Linux

Unix and Linux users must use LPR printing. Detailed instructions are not possible due to the variety of user interfaces. A web search for your particular Linux installation may be useful. For most Linux users, the CUPS (C Unix Printing System) browser interface should generally work. Below are instructions on adding network printers using CUPS:

  1. Open a browser and enter “localhost:631” into the address bar to go to the local CUPS home page interface
  2. Under ‘CUPS for Administrators’ navigate to the ‘Adding Printers and Classes’ link
  3. Under ‘Printers‘ there should be several buttons. Check and manage/modify installed printers using the ‘Manage printers‘ button or add new ones using the ‘Add printer‘ button. Press the ‘Add printer’ button
  4. The username and password of any user on the computer that has administrator privileges should work. If you are unsure, just type ‘groups <user>’ in a terminal, where <user> is your username. The resulting list of groups should contain both ‘adm’ and ‘sudo’
  5. Select the ‘LPD/LPR Host or Printer‘ option
  6. In the connection box, enter lpd://<printer-name> where <printer-name> is the printer names found in printing instructions for Mac OS X under the list of Konica Minolta printers. For example, to add e6b2604-magneto printer, enter ‘lpd://’ and continue.
  7. Enter the printer name (e.g. e6b2604-magneto) in the Name and Description fields and room number (e.g. e6b 2604) in the Location field and continue.
  8. Choose the printer driver by selecting the manufacturer and model of the printer. For KONICA MINOLTA printers available on the network, the KONICA MINOLTA 500/420/360PS (first on the list) drivers seem to work. Note that specific drivers from Konica website have had issues. Once the model is selected, click ‘Add Printer’ to continue.
  9. Configure the default options. Navigate through the tabs and select your preferences. Once done, click ‘Set default Options‘. Try printing a document to test.

If printing does not work, please log a OneHelp ticket with details of the OS and printer.

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