The main types of user accounts (identification) currently in use:

  • OneID
    • The main username and password used to authenticate to most systems in the University.
  • ScienceID  (legacy)
    • The ID/username and password used to authenticate/login to legacy IT resources within the Faculty of Science
    • Predecessor to OneID
    • To be eventually replaced by OneID
  • Sponsor.OneID
    • A OneID for someone who is not an employee or student at the university; eg a visitor, consultant, contractor, etc. who require IT access (such as to VPN).
    • To request a Sponsor.OneID, go to OneHelp and use the following dropdown categories: Information Communication Technology (ICT) – Identity Management – Sponsor.OneID
  • AMIS Accounts
    • AMIS accounts are needed for staff who need to access the Student One System.


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