the latest version of my R package, bsam - bayesian state-space models for animal movement - can be downloaded here in Unix/OS X or in Windows versions

the package is compiled to run on R 3.0.2 but should work on older versions, email me if you have problems (ian.jonsen -at- you will need to install or update to the latest versions of rjags, PBSmapping and coda. after loading the package in R, type ?bsam to read a brief overview of the package and ?fitSSM to get help on how to use the package, examples with a supplied dataset are provided at the bottom of the help file. this help file does not cover all the functionality of the package. i'll make the necessary updates when i have time in the future.


code used in older publications (2003,2005,2006) can be found on the fmap - future of marine animal populations - legacy website: fmap computer scripts.

disclaimer:  no attempt has been made to make these older code snippets widely applicable to different datasets or to make them cross-platform compatible.